Parking at LaGuardia Airport

Find out where to park your car (long term, daily, or hourly) at LGA. After you’ve parked, get step-by-step navigation to check-in, security, or your gate.

Book Parking

Pre-book your parking and save!

When you book your flight, don’t forget to reserve a parking spot; it’s always cheaper when you book in advance and you can even book spaces closer to the terminals by reserving a Premium Parking Space. Just book online and you are all set.

Find Parking at your Terminal

Looking for the parking garage? Check out the interactive map below to find a garage near your terminal.

Be Navigated

Getting through the airport can be tricky. For starters, you should find your terminal. (We can help you do that here!) Once you know that, you can be navigated through the terminal using our digital guide.

Go ahead and enter your destination or flight number to get exact directions from wherever you are ... right to your gate. Cool, right? Try it!

You can also use the interactive map of LaGuardia (below) to find your way. Try searching for a restaurant, airline, or check-in to get your bearings.

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